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The Company was Initially started in 1396(H)/1976G as an Establishment, on a modest scale, and right from that time it has endeavored and exerted to improve and expand its Technical capabilities in this field of Construction, mainly in Power Sector, with special expertise in turn-key projects in Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution.
As part of our turn-key projects we have supplied sophisticated high tech power Generation, transmission and distribution equipment with all necessary state of the art control, protection and telecom equipment, from all over the world, to all major Electrical Utilities of kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
In Trading Sector Kadi is active in selective sophisticated items related to Power Sector. We are sole representative of Niigata Engineering co. of Japan for their Diesel Gen. sets. We have supplied unit from 1 MW to 5 MW to almost all major Electrical utilities in the country and are providing an excellent after sale service & spare parts delivery.


Established as a single ownership outfit in 1396(H)/1976(G), and dedicated to the noble cause of nation building in pursuit of betterment and prosperity ofpeople of this country, Kadi Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd. is now, a company registered with all major utilities and among the leading national contracting companies with reputation in its professionalism and quality in service. Our dedicated service of about last Four decades has resulted in completion of a number of electro mechanical projects of national importance and with every new project Kadi has continually bettered its accomplishment record: from small projects of a few million riyals to huge projects of hundreds of million riyals and/or from simple low voltage systems to quite sophisticated extra high voltage systems and laying of fiber optic network.

Ready availability of electric power is corner stone of modern day development and providing professional service in generation transmission and distribution of the same is part of Kadi's total commitment in nation building. The country has witnessed an unprecedented pace of modernization from early seventies and contracting business, the very vehicle of this change process, demanded a very high level of sophistication in professionalism for meeting the required objectives. Kadi, born in boom years, had to immediately adopt itself to these highly demanding professional requirements and this in turn established the company on solid footings. Professionalism with total commitment to full participation in nation building is the hallmark of Kadi.

Power sector in the kingdom is being developed in a planned and phased manner and the history of Kadi is no different than this phased progress. From earlier village electrification projects to regional electrification and from central projects to national and regional griding, the pace has been phenomenal. Kadi has the honor and pride of having met such an unprecedented challenge. From small distribution projects to regional and central electrification projects and now to sophisticated high voltage substation and transmission lines, it has been a rewarding experience for this national contracting company. To meet increasing demand of operation and maintenance of these sophisticated projects, Kadi has developed a well groomed division in this field. Kadi participated in operation and maintenance of quite a few airports around the kingdom so far. Representing selected companies of high international repute from electric industry is another of Kadi's interests. The guiding factor is to provide the kingdom with the most competitive equipment in this particular field.
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